New podcast by our IR students

“The shadow of the future: deconstructing global politics” is a biweekly podcast series, hosted by Tekla Gabrichidze, Mónica Silva, and Nini Basaria.

It takes a deep dive into the trending political topics in contemporary international relations. Our channel offers in-depth analysis, discussion and insight into the latest heated political debates featuring scholars and experts in international relations and political science. Subscribe to our podcast in order to stay tuned for the newest episodes.

At the end of September, the next tragedy of 2020 unraveled, and the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupted over the Nagorno-Karabakh disputed territory. How did the tensions start? What roles do the external actors undertake in the war? Our first guest Pal Dunay, an associate professor at the Institute of Political and International Studies at ELTE, gives us a glimpse of the roots of the conflict and situation on the ground. Tune in to find out!

HU 2021.01.05.