Ákos Kopper


Short CV:

Akos KOPPER received his PhD from Jacobs University Bremen (2009), MA from CEU (2000), BA from ELTE (1999). His main research interests are: diplomacy, the IR of East Asia, citizenship and security. His works appeared among others in journals such as: Democratization, International Studies Review, The Pacific Review, East European Politics, Political, International Political Sociology. He is co-editor of the Journal of International Relations and Development, the official journal of the Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA). – He is also member of CEEISA’s executive board (Central and East European International Studies Association).

Selected publications:

- Overcoming the Poverty of Western Historical Imagination: Alternative Analogies for Making Sense of the South China Sea Conflict (2019). (with Tamás Peragovics) European Journal of International Relations, Vol 25(2): 360–382.
-What Image Does IR Project? Chess, A Visual Metaphor for IR (2017) International Studies Review, Vol. 19(3): 337–361: DOI: 10.1093/isr/viw039
-The Imaginary of Borders: From a Coloring Book Towards Cézanne's painting (2012) International Political Sociology, Volume 6(3), pp. 277-293.

E-mail: eutud@tatk.elte.hu
Phone: 372-2500/6867
Room: 3.114A