A Message for New and Prospective Students from Professor Andrew Ryder our Director

Welcome to the Institute for Political and International Studies. The Institute is a unique place, if you are thinking about joining us, you will find we have much to offer.

We offer a unique intercultural learning experience where Hungarians and a broad range of international students and teachers can interact and form friendships and learn from each other.

We value academic freedom and freedom of thought and the Institute is an open and critical learning environment. The Institute is highly active, with frequent seminars, conferences and social events.

We are a supportive and caring community that values human rights and the rule of law and encourages respect and tolerance between staff and students and wider society.

We strive to set and achieve the highest standards in teaching and knowledge production to serve our students and the wider community.

 We are striving to support our students in their careers and community roles and believe our developing alumni network and connections with civil society and other stakeholders is a great resource.

Become part of our community!

Professor Andrew Ryder


The Institute for Political and International Studies


HU 2019.09.03.