András Szalai


Short CV:

András Szalai is assistant professor at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, ELTE University. He received his PhD from the Central european University (2015), and his masters from Corvinus University of Budapest (2006) and the Central European University (2007). His research interests include constructivist approaches to security, nuclear security, US foreign policy, and theories of European foreign policy. His current research deals with the influence of security expertise on policymaking, and the securitization of migration as a societal control mechanism. In parallel with ELTE, he also works as a research fellow at the Central European University’s Center for European Neighborhood Studies (CENS). At CENS, he is responsible for projects relating to the securitization of mass migration and the conceptualization of European foreign policy, writ large.

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Selected publications:

Securitizing Migration in Contemporary Hungary: From Discourse to Practice, In: A. Prodromidou, M. Kmezic, F. Bieber, P. Gkasis, C. Krause (eds.): Migration, Integration, Disintegrarion. (2020) (Routledge, forthcoming)

Szalai, András, and Gabriella Gőbl. "Securitizing migration in contemporary Hungary." CEU Center for EU Enlargement Studies Working Paper (2015).

Szalai, András. "‘Essentially sound and fundamental’: Historicizing the logic of deterrence in the counterforce debate." International Relations 29.3 (2015): 288-302.

Kopper, Ákos, Zsolt Körtvélyesi, Balázs Majtényi and Andras Szalai. "Logiques d’(in) sécurité en Hongrie. Gouverner par le droit et par l’exclusion dans un régime illibéral." Cultures & Conflits 113 (2019): 99-123.

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