Anna Unger


Short CV:

Anna Unger received her degrees (political scientist - 2003, PhD in Political Science - 2018) from the Faculy of Law, ELTE. Her main research interests are democracy as a theory and a method, with a special focus on direct democracy, the politics of elections, and American politics. Her current researches deal with the challenges and limits of competitive elections, and the safeuards of democracy in federal political systems. Since the mid-2000s, she wrote dozens of articles about politics into different Hungarian weekly and daily newspapers. As an expert of democracy and elections, she is a regular guest of public events organized by NGOs and think tanks, and of the media.

Selected publications:

Unger, Anna (2019): Demokrácia a képviseleten túl. Közvetlen demokrácia és az EU demokratizációja. ELTE Eötvös Kiadó, Budapest. 
Unger, Anna (2018): A választás mint rendszerkarakterisztikus intézmény. Fundamentum, 2018(2-3), pp. 5-16.
Unger, Anna – Ziegler, Tamás Dezső (2016): What happens after Brexit?: some thoughts. Social Europe, 19 July 2016.

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