Béla Soltész


Short CV:

Béla Soltész holds a PhD degree in International Relations (Corvinus University of Budapest, 2016) and MA degrees in Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature (Eötvös Loránd University, 2006) and International Relations (Corvinus University of Budapest, 2008). He spent exchange semesters in Spain, Chile and Mexico, and he worked as a researcher and as a project manager in several international projects related to migration and development. His main research interests are migration and diaspora policies, development studies, Latin American studies and postcolonial theory. 

Selected publications:

Soltész, B. (2019): Youth migration and local governance in the Danube region. Challenges and novel approaches. YOUMIG Working Paper No. 4. Budapest: Hungarian Central Statistical Office.

Soltész, B. (2018): Migration trends and their socio-economic context in Hungary. In: Kucharczyk, J.; Mesežnikov, G. (ed.) The Politics and Policies of Migration in Central Europe. Berlin: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, pp. 204-224.

Soltész, B. (2016): Migration and Diaspora Policy Institutions in Latin America. Demográfia - English Edition, Vol. 59, No. 5, pp. 49-81.

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