Natália Dvornyicsenkó

Department coordinator & External lecturer

Short CV:

Natália Dvornyicsenkó earned her Master’s degree in European and International Administration from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at PPCU. She completed her Ph.D. in Jurisprudence at the same institution. The field of her primary interests and studies is contemporary Jurisprudence and her research focuses on the area of Public International Law.

Selected publications:

Natália Dvornyicsenkó: The role of International Law in the system of International Relations. In: Papers of the 5th International Scientific Conference “Applied Sciences in Europe: tendencies of contemporary development”, 24 March, 2014. ORT Publishing. Stuttgart, 2014, 57-62.

Natália Dvornyicsenkó: International state responsibility in the XXIth century. In: 7th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science and Society”, 29-30 August, 2014, London. SCIEURO. London, 2014, 101-123.

Natália Dvornyicsenkó: The legal aspects of intellectual property in the outer space. In: The First International Conference on development of Jurisprudence in Eurasia, 4 October, 2014, Vienna. “East West” Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH. Vienna, 2014, 18-32.

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