Zsolt Körtvélyesi


Short CV:

Zsolt Körtvélyesi holds a law degree (University of Szeged, 2006) with specialization in French Law (University of Paris Nanterre, 2005) and European Studies (University of Szeged, 2005), a Nationalism Studies MA (Central European University, 2009), an LLM (Harvard Law School, 2014, on Fulbright Scholarship), and an SJD (Central European University, 2016). He has research experience in questions of comparative constitutional law, regarding issues of citizenship, nationalism and minority protection in particular, and human rights and the rule of law in the US and in the EU.

Selected publications:

1) Huszka, Bea, and Zsolt Körtvélyesi. "Enlargement." The European Union and Human Rights: Law and Policy, edited by Jan Wouters, et al., Oxford University Press (in preparation).

2) Majtényi, Balázs, and Zsolt Körtvélyesi. "Game of Values: The Threat of Exclusive Constitutional Identity, the EU and Hungary." German Law Journal, vol. 18 no. 7, 2017, pp. 1721–1744.

3) Körtvélyesi, Zsolt. "Inconsistency and Criticism: Mapping Inconsistency Arguments Regarding Human Rights Promotion in EU External Relations." European Yearbook on Human Rights 2016, edited by Wolfgang Benedek, et al., NWV, 2016, pp. 223–242.

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